National Drive Electric Week

Working to save life on the planet
Saturday September 25th 12 – 6:00 pm in Ambler, PA
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Here’s how we Thrive driving Electric:

  • EV Driving 100% Electric saves you money – it’s like getting paid $3.00 for every 20 miles you drive.
  • EVs Eliminate the 20 pounds per gallon pollution factor every gallon of gas burned puts 20 pounds of pollution in the air.
  • EVs Stop tail pipe emission pollution
  • EVs create a great sense of well being
  • EVs More fun to drive, faster, more efficient
  • EVs get 120 – 150+ MPGe
  • EVs go 30+ miles on the electric power that it would take just to make 1 gallon of gas!
  • EVs eliminate the deaths per mile factor.

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Why Are Electric Vehicles Important to Artists, Musicians and everyone?
Because we travel a lot, and a larger percentage of our income goes towards fuel – as much as 90% in some cases.  That is money you need to Thrive.  But instead, your hard earned cash goes into oil and gasoline and the high cost of gas car maintenance, not to mention that gas cars are a leading cause of pollution and global warming.
Now we have real choices that make a difference.
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Masks make a huge difference is stopping the spread of the virus.  I protect you, you protect me.
The next National Drive Electric Week Event in the Philadelphia Area is on:
Saturday September 25th 12 – 6:00 pm in Ambler, PA
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Get your All Thrive Fest Pass when you audition to play. The All Thrive Fest Pass includes the EV Showcase where you can test drive EVs.  Volunteer EV drivers will help you learn how to become a Zero Emission Musician.

Electric Vehicle Showcase – Getting Setup


Electric Vehicle Showcase – At Weavers Way Cafe

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